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* Do you have a hard time saying NO, worried that people will get mad? 


* Are you so over-committed that you often feel exhausted?


* Do you tend to neglect your needs, putting everyone else first?


You can’t keep ignoring your needs and letting others come first if you want to live a life of joy, authenticity, and well-being. 


The solution? BOUNDARIES! 


We created a comprehensive catalog of courses to help you set boundaries in every part of your life - using practical and proven applications that really work. 

Boundaries help us protect our time, energy, money, and everything important to us.
Most of us don't learn boundaries from our families. It's never too late to learn.
Boundaries guide us through life. We'll show you how! 

"These introductory courses gave me Insights into Boundaries being about what I want and need!"

Before taking your free 5-day Boundary Course, I was a beginner boundary setter (just 2-weeks into expressing it with my daughter), clueless about what I wanted & need, and only in response to being triggered! These introductory courses gave me Insights into Boundaries being about what I want and need, knowing my Core Values & Aligning myself with them to Live my True Essence, building bridges of Mutual Respect and Acceptance, and most of all Loving Myself as I am. It also made me Recognize the inherited family co-dependency in my life. I can’t wait to take the Course on Healing the Pleaser and Co-dependency💛🧡❣

Melanie C. 

To thrive, you need to feel safe, empowered, and respected. That’s why we created Boundary University. 


Check out the ten courses below, where you’ll learn frameworks, scripts, and practical skills to end burnout and resentment and reclaim your personal power. 


(**HURRY! Introductory prices are going up on February 28th, 2023!!! Save money now!)


Course 1: How to Do Boundaries Better! What Are Boundaries and Why Are They So Important?

(Foundational Course)

In this course, you’ll discover some of the ways your boundaries became challenged over time and how you adapted to survive. You’ll learn how your family of origin impacted your ability to set boundaries, and you’ll know what not setting boundaries has cost you.



Course 2: Breaking the Cycle of Codependency, People-Pleasing, Over-giving and More

(Foundational Course)

We hear the word ‘codependency’ thrown around a lot, but what is it really, and how does it affect your relationships? In this course, you’ll learn what codependency is, how it shows up, and why it prevents us from creating the stable, healthy, long-term relationships you want!



Course 3: Overcoming Barriers and Fears to Setting Boundaries

(Foundational Course)

This course outlines the many challenges to setting healthy boundaries. Some of them are deep-seated fears that are ingrained in us from childhood. We call them ‘blind spots’ because they are often subconscious patterns and beliefs. 


Course 4: Expressing Your Feelings and Needs -  Owning Your Power

(Foundational Course)

By learning how to Identify and align with your values, you’ll know what you need and want in your life. Setting boundaries becomes a question of HOW and WHEN, not IF you need to say something in a difficult situation.  



Course 5: Boundary Traps and Challenges, Oh My!

(Advanced Course)

In this course you’ll learn the most common boundary challenges we all face, and why they stop us from speaking up especially when it matters. When you identify your own unique boundary obstacles based on your programming, you can start to see WHERE they came from so you can release them! Including our very ground-breaking Boundary Kryptonite!



Course 6: Easy-to-Use Boundary Scripts

(Advanced Course)

What stops most people from setting boundaries? Not having the words to say when you need them most. In this course, you’ll get scripts for the most common boundary scenarios we’ve seen over our decades of teaching, and you’ll learn when NOT to set a boundary. Most importantly, you’ll have a powerful framework to create your own scripts for boundaries for any situation, even the most challenging ones. Never feel like a deer in the headlights when you need to set a boundary again!


Course 7: Staying True to Your Authentic Self 

(Advanced Course)

In this course, you’ll identify who you are at your best, your highest self, so you can operate at your best. You’ll be able to tap into the dream of what you want and need in life and love. Learn the boundaries you need to help you stay calm and centered in tough situations. You’ll discover self-compassion practices, including self-love and body-love. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential to a healthy life!


Course 8: Setting Boundaries with Difficult People 

(Advanced Course)

In this course, you’ll learn how to effectively deal with the most challenging people, those who might be toxic to you. You’ll discover how to have difficult conversations with grace, without losing your cool. You’ll also gain clarity on when to say YES and when and how to say NO...without the guilt.


Course 9: Recognizing Red Flags and Emotional Triggers

(Advanced Course)

Learn to recognize your emotional triggers so you can work through them. Discover what happens when your boundaries are crossed or you're disappointed, and how to handle it with grace. Quickly recognize red flags and cure 'Red Flag Blindness'. And just as important, learn to recognize green flags, and choose people who add value to your life. 


Course 10: Mastery - Boundary Practices for The Rest of Your Life

(Advanced Course)

In this course, you’ll learn the frameworks and paradigm shifts to help you achieve boundary mastery. Boundaries will become part of your fabric, at the very core of who you are. You’ll be able to set boundaries with greater ease, and you’ll be aligned with your highest self. You’ll learn the steps to becoming a Boundary Ninja!


In Boundary University, You'll Learn How to:

  • Set boundaries, without using ultimatums

  • Stop feeling guilty when you speak up and set boundaries

  • End burnout and overwhelm

  • Identify your feelings and needs BEFORE you get resentful 

  • Feel empowered even in the most challenging situations

  • Know when and how to walk away from the most toxic relationships

  • Start enjoying the most authentic and respectful relationships in every part of your life!

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Do you want more "you" in your life?

Meet your instructors, Theresa Byrne and Sandy Weiner, renowned coaches with decades of expertise in boundaries, ready to guide you towards your most authentic wonderful life. 


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